Power tool shop

Service One

Repair of power tools from the service center is a unique service with a guarantee of high—quality work on time. You can ask for qualified help in case of failure of a hammer drill, jackhammer, electric screwdriver and other tools.
The power tool repair center is conveniently located for an independent visit. However, most customers prefer to order the repair of power tools by phone with a fence and subsequent delivery by our specialist. The power tool repair shop strives to make maintenance as convenient and comfortable as possible for everyone.

Power tools are a complex process. It is necessary to understand the tools themselves, the principles of its operation and have so-called explosion schemes. Our craftsmen have all the necessary knowledge and experience in repairing power tools and in 99% of cases return it to working condition.

In addition, every repair of an electric tool requires spare parts. We work directly with most manufacturers and this allows us to buy spare parts cheaply and with a quality guarantee. Any tool other than repair requires prevention and maintenance. We will offer the best option for both.

If your device has started to smoke, stopped spinning, drilling or turning on, then entrust the repair of your power tool to us and you will be sure that the repair will be carried out in a short time and for reasonable money.

Your power tool repair center

In order for the repair of the power tool to be carried out promptly and with a guarantee, it is necessary to contact a well-established service center. Only an experienced team of specialists is able to solve the problem that has arisen with the equipment. The power tool repair shop is at your service. Choosing us as a performer, the client can be sure of a professional approach:

long-term warranty for spare parts and work performed;
always in stock an extensive database of parts;
customer-oriented service at affordable prices;
responsible approach to the quality of work;
consultations of polite professionals.
After the power tool has been in the hands of our craftsmen, you can be sure that it will last for a long time and fail-safe. Our specialists carry out repairs, following the recommendations and instructions of equipment manufacturers. This is an additional guarantee that the work will be carried out thoroughly and soundly.

Depending on the complexity of the breakdown, the time it takes to fix the malfunction varies from several hours to several days. Our team understands that power tools are equipment that should always be at hand. Therefore, we do not violate the terms of repair, which are negotiated with the client.

The subtleties of maintenance

In order for the tool to serve for a long time, its parts wear out less, and there were no needs for repair, it needs to be serviced.

Important! Timely cleaning and lubrication of parts of working devices reduces the risk of breakdowns by 90%.

However, self-maintenance of the power tool can be a problem:

lost documentation makes it impossible to see what accessories and materials the manufacturer recommends;
if the drill, jigsaw, puncher is under warranty, careless interference with the case may lead to its cancellation;
it is difficult to clean the parts from contamination yourself – safe substances and brushes are required, as well as accurate knowledge of the design.
Repair of power tools in the workshop will help to avoid difficulties.

The maintenance services include:

analysis and diagnostics of device components;
cleaning from dirt, dust, soot, accumulated fuel oil;
oil and lubricants replacement;
replacement of cracked, chipped parts.
These are the main conditions for the prevention of breakdowns that will require expensive repair of a manual power tool.