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The Main Types Of Power Tool Malfunctions

One of the most important areas of activity is the restoration of the operability of power tools of various types, from manual to industrial. Malfunctions of such equipment arise due to natural wear, non-compliance with the rules of use, due to intensive operation. Among the common breakdowns that require professional help, the following can be distinguished:

the engine does not work when turned on;
when using, an uncharacteristic hum, noise is heard;
the device case is overheating;
it shocks when touching the equipment;
the smell of burning insulation appears.
This is not the whole list of problems that customers contact our power tool repair service located in Krasnodar. Thorough diagnostics, which is performed by qualified craftsmen, helps to identify the malfunction. 

This procedure allows you to find a faulty part, to recognize the cause of the breakdown with 100% accuracy. It is also aimed at determining the profitability (expediency) of repairs. Based on the diagnosis, the cost of spare parts and work is agreed with the client.

Possible malfunctions of the power tool


The reason is elimination

No reaction of the engine when turned on


Breakage of the switch, malfunction of the plug or cable breakage — The Master changes the cable

Brushes move away from the collector due to contamination or physical wear — The Master changes the brushes, cleans the collector

Sparking on the collector




Incomplete fit of the brushes — The fitting of the part to the collector is required

The wear of the brush — The Master changes the spare part

Jamming of brushes — Cleaning of the element and the brush holder is required

Heavy pollution of the collector — The Master disassembles the structure and cleans the collector from dirt, grinds it through

Electric motor humming, no spindle rotation


The voltage is lost in one phase — The integrity of the electrical circuit is checked, the breakdown is eliminated

The switch does not work — Open the location of the switch and fix the problem

Excessive heating of the housing and parts



Incorrect assembly after repair or factory defect — The expert disassembles the design and checks the correctness of the installation of parts

Lack of lubrication — Maintenance is carried out

Bearing wear — Replacement of the element is required

Who should I entrust with a valuable tool?

Our workshop is engaged in the restoration of damaged power tools using recommended materials, consumables and spare parts. For each service rendered, the master issues a guarantee. Among the advantages of cooperation:

availability of urgent repair of power tools;
in 90% of cases, spare parts are in the warehouse of the branch to which the customer applies;
delivery of the corrected equipment to the specified address;
network of workshops in the city;
the price for the repair of power tools is 15-20% lower than in other companies;
no price gouging for spare parts.
Our workshop works with legal entities according to a special scheme, offering discounts on services and a convenient way of delivering electrical appliances for repair.